Joko started his batik production in 1986 when he took an old pillow-case, cut it in four pieces, and made four small batik pictures with motives of his own design. The pictures sold well, he earned money to buy more matererial, and from this his buisness grew. During his most productive period in the late 1990's he had a staff of 45 people and were himself working day and night to create new batik patterns and materials for fashion and for domestic use (bedsheets, tablecloths), and pictures for the art galleries. His works were exported to many countries around the world. In 2006 Joko were among those who lost his home and work-place to the big earthquake that hit Bantul district. Since this he has rebuilt his atelier in Sewon and is now ready to receive customers in his own gallery. He is still designing materials for fashion but the main focus of his production is now visual art.